Excel Metal Engineering (Pvt) Ltd has an imposing edifice spread across 40000 square feet of land area.

24000 square feet of land is available for future expansions.

The company is powered with 250 KVA 11KV of power supply with 1-250KVA and 1-125KVA DG backup, 14.5KVA UPS backup for servers and desktops.

The Press Shop is equipped with 25 Mechanical, Pneumatic and Hydraulic presses ranging from 10T to 160T capacity.

There are 3 Automats for precision turned components.

CNC machined components are augmented with vertical machining and turning centres.

The secondary processing section is fitted with 16 Drilling machines, 10 fly presses, 4 milling machines, 7 tapping machines, 4 Hydro pneumatic presses and Vibro deburring machine.

The Assembly section is outfitted with 20 Spot / resistance welding machines(with electronic control interfaces) of capacity 10 KVA to 75 KVA, 3 brazing machines, 4 toggle presses, 4 spin riveting, 3 Hydro pneumatic presses , 4 Automatic coil winding machines. There is a separate MCCB assembly line with short circuit and over current trip test facility.



Bus bar

Excel Metal Engineering (Pvt) Ltd is considered as one of the leading manufacturers and distributors of High quality Bus bars. We have a world class imported German Machine EHRT for the manufacturing of various types of Bus bars. This machine has unique bending technology which measures each bend angle and provides spring back compensation. This gives the bend angle of flat materials high degree of accuracy and precision.

Our continuous product development and long years of experience provided us a unique position in manufacturing range of Bus bars includes complete processing like cutting, punching and bending of bus bars. We cater to the needs of customers producing equipment for the electrical industry, especially switchgear production. Our bending and punching software is fully integrated which allows quick and easy programming. Our machines are CNC controlled.

Product Description

We produce Bus bars made of aluminum and copper. Bus bars can be supplied with Tin and Silver plating in both full and selective areas specified by the customers. We can also supply Bus bars with Sleeving facility up to the length of 4 meters.


  • Copper Busbar
  • Aluminium Busbar
  • Tin & Silver Plated Busbar
  • Busbar Assemblies

Tool Room

Excel Metal Engineering Pvt Ltd with a responsible status of one of the leading manufacturers and distributors of various Machine tools, Sheet Metal parts, sub assemblies, finished assemblies, Bus bar systems, press tools and other various related products believes a state of the art and highly sophisticated Tool Room is essential to produce world class products and serves as a back bone of the industry. Our Tool Room has an in house designing division with highly qualified design engineers with hands on experience in this industry.

Press Shop & Assemblies

Our Press shop a part of the Tool Room is equipped with 25 Mechanical, pneumatic and Hydraulic Presses with a range of 10 Tons to 160 Tons capacity. We are equipped with 3 Automats for precision and turned components. We have highly advanced CNC machines and the machined components are augmented with vertical machining and turning centers.


  • Our secondary processing Section comprises of drilling machines, Fly presses, milling machines tapping machines, Hydro pneumatic presses.
  • The assembly section is equipped with spot/resistance welding machines with electronic control interface
  • Induction brazing machines
  • Brazing machines
  • Toggle presses
  • Spin riveting machines
  • Hydro pneumatic presses
  • Automatic coil winding machines
  • Busbar punching and bending machines

We have high quality man power to check the quality at every stage of production and provides an uninterrupted and high quality services to our Tool Room.

Separate external facilities provisioned for all types of

  • Surface treatment (Tin, Silver and Zinc plating, Heat treatment etc)
  • Cast and molded components.

Keeping in tune with the latest technologies the company has opted for CLOUD BASED ERP system.